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Reliable Representation for Family Matters

Discord in your relationship with your spouse can be especially troubling.

Domestic matters involve many different decisions, including child custody, support issues, and property division being chief among them. In your free 30-minute office consultation, we will address the specific issues you are facing and begin formulating an action plan to meet your needs.

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With over 20 years of legal experience, I am well suited to represent you in court regarding matters of marriage and child custody. Regardless of the circumstances, I will give you just representation.

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Legal Counseling for All Domestic Cases

Divorce & Dissolution

There are several options for ending a marital relationship. I can help you decide which is best suited for you and your individual circumstances.

Post Decree Issues

After a marriage ends, issues can arise between ex-spouses. The need to amend some parts of a decree of divorce or dissolution is not uncommon. Often, this is due to the changing needs of the children as they grow. Sometimes, parties violate or ignore their responsibilities under court orders. Frequently, these disputes can be resolved without going back to court but sometimes court intervention is required.

Custody & Visitation

Custody and visitation issues are not always between parents. If you are seeking to obtain custody of a child, grandchild, or other relatives, let me help. Similarly, if you are being denied visitation with a child, call me to discuss your rights.