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Impassioned Defense Against Traffic Charges

If you find yourself charged with a traffic violation, talk to me before you talk to the police, especially if there was an accident.

Unlike some criminal convictions that can be sealed, traffic convictions stay on your record forever. In addition to the traditional penalties like fines and incarceration, traffic violations can result in the suspension of your driver’s license and negatively impact your insurance. Certain traffic convictions can even render you ineligible for some jobs.

Commercial Driver’s License

CDL offenses can result in suspension or out-of-service orders.

Whether your case involves licensing/registration, hazardous material issues, or equipment violations, I can help. Some convictions for offenses committed in non-commercial vehicles can also affect your CDL. Call me today and let me protect your career and livelihood.

Representation for All Traffic Offenses

  • License suspension

  • BMV issues

  • Vehicle impoundments

  • Immobilization and forfeiture

  • DUS

  • CDL